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Malpani Agrawal & Associates is a premier Chartered Accountancy Firm, focused on rendering services and adding value to its clients across the globe, by providing highly efficient, technical and professional services. The team comprises of dedicated professionals possessing expertise across a range of business needs. We abide by strong ethics, thereby adding value to our client business. 
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Formed on April 2012, Malpani Agrawal & Associates was the result of a dynamic and innovative CA expert. It was established with a vision to shape new standards in deliverance of services. Since then it has been synergic and as a consequence of Herculean endeavors.


As a partner-led business, each of our clients has their own client relationship partner. Our experienced professionals oversee all affairs in order to have a clear comprehension of our customer’s needs, based on which a consistency of quality services is assured. We emphasise on maximum communication to ensure clear-cut apprehension of issues and areas of concern. Therefore, we stress on strong communication with the client and consider their feedback extremely valuable. When we learn about things we could do better, we act swiftly to address this.


We abide by the notion that our values define us. It moulds us into who we are, what we do and how we do it. We believe that our profession is our faith and as we pursue our journey, we want to hold fast to the resilience of our culture that moulds us into fortunate, distinct and content individuals.


When we say we will do something, consider it done.


We hold achievement in high esteem and assist each other to reach their full potential.


Our essence is rooted in being honest and straight-forward. Our advices come from age-old experience and we only advocate what we truly believe.


We understand our client’s problems as if they were our own and commit to resolving them with constructive results.

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